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Let me organise you!

Project & task management for creative-minded business owners



I know what it’s like – your start a business doing what you love, it takes off, and before you know it you’re so busy with all the ‘behind the scenes’ details that you find yourself spending less time doing what you’re best at (work and other stuff in your life) and more time trying to juggle everything that needs to be done (for you and your team).  


You’re running around in circles, checking lists, moving deadlines, all the while worrying that you’ve forgotten something important.  



Managing the details isn’t your zone of genius and it’s starting to show!


Think of me as the logical, orderly side of your brain. While you’re busy doing the creative, client-serving, revenue-generating stuff that comes naturally,  I’m keeping an eye on the details so that tasks get done on time and nothing gets missed or forgotten.


I’ll take everything out of your head and give back all the details you actually need (some need dumping!) as and when you need them – a little bit at a time.  That way, you can get everything done without being overwhelmed.  


What this also does is free up the space in your head that was carrying lots of half-done to-do lists, so you’re free to think brilliantly and grow your business.

It’s a task management > accountability > keeping an eye on the details > productivity-boosting kind of thing!


Who’s it for? 

This service is for creative-minded business owners who don’t love details.  You don’t need a full-time Business Manager but would love to have someone detail-minded on your side who can ‘check-in’ and make sure that the details of your business and projects are on track and keep you (and your team) on top of everything.




How does it work?


I’ll help put you and your business back on the right track, fast…


    We’ll get the to-do list in your head documented

     We’ll sift and sort to find the things that really need your attention

    We’ll explore why you do the things you do, and ask if there’s a better way

     I’ll give you processes, strategies and structures that keep things simple, get things done and keep your focus where it needs to be

      I’ll help you get more out of your team & the tools you may already be using

      We’ll set up an efficient way of working, that works for you

      I’ll keep track of projects, tasks & deadlines for you and your team


Here’s how…


Month One – Get Organised

A mind-declutter session – We’ll start our work together with a deep dive into everything about your business,  your projects, your team and you (nothing too personal :)) We’ll explore what’s working and what needs improvement.  We’ll clear your head of tasks & to-do’s so that your brain no longer feels like it’s going to explode.


Tools to keep you organised – I’ll set up a task management system if you don’t have one or I’ll dip in and make yours work better.  No more storing details in your head.  Day-to-day tasks, projects, reminders, deadlines & how-tos will all be stored in a simple system that you can access at any time.


Systems & processes Once I can see your business clearly, we can see where the inefficiencies and bottlenecks are.  We can identify what works and what doesn’t.  And we can then spot the opportunities to make things better so that you and your business work more productively.  Together, we’ll explore what those are and put a simple improvements action plan in place.



Month Two (onwards) – Stay Organised


Regular ‘stay organised’ sessions – Virtual 1-to-1 chat’s with you (and/or your team) to plan & sense-check anything you are working on and ensure details aren’t being missed.  We’ll identify and fix anything that may have slipped and make improvements so it never happens again.   We’ll review & assess progress on projects and day-to-day business tasks, and keep planning ahead with my focus on the details.  This way you keep a clear mind to can focus on the work only you can do, your team knows exactly what’s expected of them and projects move forward as they should. 


Project & Task Details Updates –  After our ‘stay organised sessions’ I’ll pull together any meeting notes and update any actionable tasks for you and your team, making sure it’s all super clear and everyone knows exactly what needs to be done when it needs to be done by and who’s responsible for doing it.  

I’ll even set up simple processes if we work out that something needs better detail-management, to ensure that everything is running efficiently, nothing gets dropped and no one has to stress about the details!


Accountability  I’ll check in regularly in-between chats for an update and to help you stay accountable for your planned actions and remind you of any upcoming deadlines.   This is also a great time to reflect and reward actions & achievements while addressing any issues so that we can deal with them at our next meeting or earlier if required.


How much is it?


Your journey to productive calm costs just £1000 for the first month while we declutter & tidy up the details.


And afterwards…

Once we’ve decluttered and tidied up ‘behind the scenes’ I will continue to work with you at the level required for you and your business (you are under no obligation to continue working with me, a declutter & tidy up might be all you need!)

Prices start from £350 per month.


 Together we’ll develop a way of working that helps you get more done, more effectively, with less stress.


Let’s get started!


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