‘Behind the Scenes’


When you know you need to organise the ‘back-end’ of your business but have no idea where to start…

You need the ‘Behind the Scenes’  Business Review – a (1-2-1) deep dive into what’s going on backstage in your business so that you know exactly what needs to be done to get organised, stop firefighting and get some of your precious time back. 

Running a business can be hard.  There’s loads to do and not enough time to do it.


This is why it’s so important to be organised. 


But “getting organised” isn’t always that easy… or exciting. 


You may feel like you’re constantly playing catch up, fire-fighting problems and never able to quite get on top of things. 


Or perhaps your business has grown so quickly that your systems never caught up, making it impossible for you to let go of tasks that your team could take off your plate.


You don’t have time for the important things (like getting organised) because you’re always dealing with emergencies.


Things look great on the outside, your business is growing, your clients are raving about you… but you feel like you’re one dropped ball away from revealing the chaos that’s happening ‘behind the scenes’ and that scares you. 


You aren’t even sure what needs tidying, what needs a bit of a polish and what needs binning altogether. 


That’s why I created the ‘Behind the Scenes’ Business Review.

Finally, have a clear overview of exactly what’s happening (or not!) in your business. 


Discover the simple, doable action steps you need to take to get you and your business organised and in order.


Get back in the driving seat, know what direction you are going in and cut the stress. 

Together, we’ll take a fresh look at your entire business so that:


– You focus on the things that really need your attention

– You clear the decks of tasks that waste time

– You create simple ways to do regular tasks as efficiently as possible

– Your processes are out of your head and easy for anyone to follow (including you)

– You get the help you need from people who love the stuff you don’t 

– The things that need to happen, happen


Take your business from feeling messy and stressy to being organised and orderly.

How much is it?


I need to get organised Maria, let's talk!

*Instalment plan available

How does it work?

The Behind The Scenes Business Review consists of 5 simple steps.

1. The Download

A.k.a the business brain dump. We start with a 2-hour online session to de-clutter your mind of everything that’s going on ‘behind the scenes,’ the good, the bad and the ugly. Together we'll explore your business so I understand it (almost) as well as you do. We’ll go through each department to identify problem areas and bottlenecks. We’ll identify what works and what doesn't. We then discuss what your newly organised business will look and feel like; what's the vision and why do you want it? My clients tell me this feel like therapy!

2. The Rundown

After reflecting on our call, I'll write up everything we covered in a detailed summary. I will explain clearly how to improve efficiency, streamline systems & create more space in the daily operations.

3. The Review

Over your second 90-minute online session, we’ll talk through The Rundown. Working collaboratively to spot any further opportunities.

4. The Action Plan

The day after The Review I’ll deliver a simple action plan that sets out what needs to be done and in what order to implement your new and improved ways of working.

5. The Implementation

Did you do what we agreed? I know that sometimes things get in the way that's why I'll support you via email for one month* 'checking- in' to ensure nothing gets in the way of you making the changes you and your business need.

* At this point, you will also have the option to keep working with me. I’ll support you closely until implementation is complete, making sure that the things that need to happen, happeN. We can discuss this after your review is complete.

The ‘Behind the Scenes’ Business Review is for you if you’re…

  •         A creative-minded business owner who struggles with detail
  •         Brilliant at what you do but feel overwhelmed with planning and processes
  •         An action-taker who will do what’s needed to make the most of the time you’re at work
  •         Passionate about getting your business set up for long-term success
  •         Eager to keep growing your business without having to be involved in every detail
  •         Ready to take back control of your time rather than it controlling you 

Hi, I’m Maria… aka The Details Director, 

I help creative-minded business owners to get organised ‘behind the scenes’ in their business to make it work better so that they can make the most of their most precious commodity… time!

My calm, no-nonsense approach helps my clients see their world more clearly so that they can focus on doing the right work at the right time, feeling calm and productive. 

Here’s what my clients have to say about working with me…

"It’s…project management meets ideas Zen meets head-ordering meets systems and productivity you never knew was possible."
Lucy Whittington
Brilliant Business Things
"Maria is a force multiplier for you and your business. She does this given her capability to not only help you organise and execute your tasks - which would be good - but to actually take them off your plate entirely. This then allows you to focus on the tasks in your life and business that only you can do, e.g., actually being present with your children or taking that important sales call rather than being weighed down by a to-do list in your head. In addition to improving your efficiency, Maria will improve your day. She is such a pleasant and kind person to be around you almost won't notice that in polite conversation she has secured the inputs she needs from you to complete a couple of tasks and reminded you to do those on your list. I can't recommend enough working with Maria."
Scott Erwin
CEO HireHand
"If you're completely overwhelmed with everything you need to do, then Maria is the person to organise you and help you work more productively and efficiently."
Rachel McGuiness
Wake Up With Zest
"Maria worked with me on re-organising my business processes. Maria will help you sort out the mess and turn the chaos into clarity. An investment in time with Maria is an investment in calm and clear thinking for you and your business. Productive calm is a great way of describing what Maria helps you achieve with your business."
Dr Carol Sampson
INSneuro Consultancy Services
"Since working with Maria, I have Trello boards that are ready. set. go. Streamlined processes with automation AND instructions. I loved Maria's warm and accepting nature. Being able to arrive at our meetings as my full messy self was freeing, and leads to an openness that I don't feel with everyone. In turn, that helped me ask for the help I needed in a way that Maria was able to understand and articulate better than I could."
AJ Frenzel
Money Doula

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