A Trello learning library with accountability and support to help brilliant business owners with busy minds to get organised and smash those big goals. 

Trello is the perfect tool for creative entrepreneurs who feel that their to-do lists are out of control and their minds need de-cluttering.  You don’t have to change to fit in with Trello, it’s flexible, visual style can be adapted to suit everyone, including you!

3 months access for just £199

Yes Maria, I want access to the Lounge!

Doors close on Friday 27th March

Running a business is not for the faint-hearted. You started it because you were passionate and excited, you had so many plans and ideas but your big goals seem so out of reach when just getting through your to-do list each day feels like you are wading through mud.

You’ve seen tools, read books and tried strategies before to help with organisation but struggled to stick to any of them and slipped back into old habits too easily. 

Perhaps Trello was one of those platforms you tried. You downloaded it, liked the visual layout and maybe even learnt the basics but… 

  • Haven’t touched it since
  • Don’t know how to properly get started
  • Feel overwhelmed with all the brilliant things it has to offer 
  • Don’t have time to work out how to use it

You might be using it already and love what you see but are only accessing a fraction of its features and are missing out on the bigger life-changing impact.

And I don’t say life-changing lightly. 

Imagine knowing exactly what tasks you need to do on a daily basis to move your business & projects forward. 

♥ Imagine being able to easily outsource tasks and manage your team. 

♥ Imagine being able to keep track of all your projects and your clients projects in one place.  

♥ Imagine being able to download your head and organise it all so that you don’t miss or forget things (or feel like you might!)

♥ Imagine having all your business information & resources in one place so that you can find & access things in minutes. 

Hi, I’m Maria… aka The Details Director, 

As someone who organises businesses (and business owners!) for a living, I’m a huge fan of Trello. You could even say that I’m a bit of a Trello geek as I’ve spent a lot of time ‘in’ Trello, setting up systems and finding ways to get it working brilliantly for business owners (who don’t love organising) and I’ve realised there’s an awful lot it can do to help bring order & organisation to a business.

But not everyone thinks like me.  Not everyone enjoys digging into the details and finding quicker and better ways of using software like Trello and not everyone had the time to do so.

That’s why I’ve created The Trello Learners’ Lounge

Learning built around you

There’s no ‘right’ way to get organised. There’s no ‘right’ way to use Trello. So this isn’t a course.  It’s a creative co-working community for Trello-lovers and learners, a 3-month tailored workspace to help you get organised and utilise Trello in a way that works for you and your business so that you can take control and take the action you need to reach those big goals. 

Don’t worry if your Trello is a mess, or resembles your business ‘cupboard under the stairs’ where you’ve shoved everything you don’t want to forget. 

Don’t worry if you’re a tidy Trello user but struggle to get it doing what you want it to do.  

Don’t worry if you aren’t using Trello yet and it’s sitting idle on your phone like a dusty exercise bike in your bedroom. 

This learning experience is tailored to you to help you get organised, free up time and headspace to focus on the work that you love to do and generate more income.

Here’s what you get when you sign up to The Trello Learners’ Lounge:

3-Month Planning Guide

Guidance and support to help you map out your personalised learning path & Trello action plan for the 3 months. Create your own plan & work at your own pace!

Access to The Trello Library

Bite-size tips and training's so that your learning is quick and focused, and overwhelm free.

Community of Help

Ask me questions in the Learners’ Lounge Facebook group, or share your experiences and questions with the community.

Training Requests

If you need training on anything that isn’t already in the library, then you can request it, and I’ll create it for you

Board Reviews

Need some "hands on help" get my eyes on your Trello boards and get them really work for you.

Weekly Accountability

Keep on track, even if your short of time with weekly accountability in the Facebook group.

The Trello Learners’ Lounge starts on 30th March 2020

Keep saying you’ll get around to using Trello?

Stop saying it. Start doing it.

Because when you do, it can make a massive difference to your life, your business and your bottom line. 


Doors close on Friday 27th March

Sign up now & get organised for just £199.

Yes Maria, I want access to the Lounge!


What others say about working with me...

"It’s…project management meets ideas Zen meets head-ordering meets systems and productivity you never knew was possible."
Lucy Whittington
Brilliant Business Things
"I can hugely recommend Maria Watson and her utter fabulousness at creating solutions which are just right for you. I work out of the office a lot so was struggling to find a way to keep on top of all my different pieces of work, in all the different places I often needed to work. Maria listened to my needs and then helped my find what would work perfectly for me, and it’s been amazing. I feel organised, calm and in control and I’m making much better use of my time."
Kirsten Holder
Kickstart Development
"Maria's 90 day programme really kick started my year, giving me laser focus and clear progress over the 3-months. I had extremely productive days and with Maria's support I was able to really channel my energy to get stuff done."
Gavin Presman
Inspire Training & Development Ltd
"Maria is able to break tasks down into easy steps and explain things in a really straightforward way. She also has an extensive knowledge of how Trello can be used to streamline processes in business. The session has definitely helped me to get organised in my own business."
Rachael Plant
Social Media Marketer
"Maria’s support in organising all my content from the past years on various communication channels into a wonderfully clear and easily manageable format in Trello has been an absolute game changer."
Nicola Moss
Systemic Coach & Mentor
"I highly recommend working with Maria if you are looking to organise the systems and processes in your business - she is thoughtful, reflective and really cares about doing a great job. Receiving my own Trello Board of helpful hints, tips and reflections on our session really was the most beautiful finishing touch."
Sue Revell
Women on a Mission
"After literally dumping the entire contents of my brain, Maria, somehow tidied this up into a plan with next steps and accountability and created me a Trello board to work along with as well as sharing tones of Trello tips for managing projects and getting the wider team involved. I floated back into my office afterwards."
Jenny Brayshaw
Retail Business Manager


3 months access for just £199

Yes Maria, I want access to the Lounge!

Doors close on Friday 27th March