“My head’s bursting. I’m overwhelmed, disorganised and constantly switching between tasks without knowing which is most important”


Are you a creative-minded business owner who feels overwhelmed by everything you have to think about to run your business?

Does your mind get so busy that you struggle to prioritise what you need to do?

Do you feel like you have to keep pushing through?  Working long hours to get through your enormous to-do list?

Except the to-do list never ends – as you’re always adding more to it so you end up tired, and just as overwhelmed



And, you can fix this!

When you run your own business, you have to wear so many hats: marketing, sales, finance, HR, admin…

Trying to juggle all those balls can be very overwhelming, and it’s worse if they aren’t your favourite things to do.

You’re at your best delving into the creative stuff and ‘doing what you sell’, which comes naturally.  The stuff that lights you up, serves your clients and helps your business grow.

But you also like to do things well, and it’s frustrating because you know you could do so much more of that if you could just get organised & focus on it!


Imagine if you could…

Be laser-focused to get things done

Be in control of your time rather than it controlling you

Enjoy your business instead of feeling completely overwhelmed

Stop working long hours and have more free time to spend doing what you love

♥ Know that you aren’t alone with the support of like-minded business owners


Introducing… The Productivity Club


My online group membership that helps you to…

Calm your mind, get focused on your goals

and take organised action to grow your business

Unlike other productivity clubs or accountability memberships you may have seen this isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach.

The club also isn’t a ‘teaching hub’ or a ‘course’ you need to follow to get results. It’s a group where you’ll be given simple methods and guidance, with lots of support to make it happen.

My methods help you to create ways that work for YOU to get calm & get things done so that your business runs smoothly and you have more time to do what you love.

What’s included?

1-2-1 Welcome Session

A 30-minute session where we'll explore your current situation and get clear on your intentions and focus for the coming months.

Monthly Focus & Planning Sessions

So that you always review, and plan - what worked well and what’s next.

Weekly Personal Accountability & Reflection Emails

Direct from me, to keep you on track - knowing you have to update me can be all the motivation you might need to ‘get things done’.

Weekly Online Co-Working Sessions

Distaction-free dates with the group to get your head down and do what needs to be done to bring you more calm & reach those goals.

Slack Community for Support

Be around like-minded business owners and ask them to hold you accountable to tasks you want to get done - peer pressure can be used for good! Ask questions as and when you need to so that you never get stuck.

How much is it?

You can become a member for just £75 a month or *£750 for the year. 

The group is limited to 15 members and the price you join at is the price you’ll always pay.

*To join for a year please email:

The Productivity Club will help you…

  • Unload everything that’s on your mind to clear your head – and keep it that way
  • Identify and remove blocks and unnecessary tasks that are getting in the way – so you can focus only on what matters to you and your business 
  • Get clear on your goals – so you know what to say yes to
  • Decide where your focus and energy will be – so you know what to say no to!
  • Plan the tasks you need to do to reach those goals – reduce overwhelm and see what’s achievable
  • Take action and get sh*t done – obviously the ‘productivity’ part!
  • Put the foundations in place to set you up for sustainable ways of working forever – this is about you working out what works best for you – whether you stay in the club or not (Calm Productivity  is for life not just for Christmas!

You’ll be more productive, and in creative flow.  And you’ll have the time and energy to be better at your work… and in your life too!

The Productivity Club is for you if you’re…

  •         A creative-minded business owner who struggles with detail
  •         Brilliant at what you do but feel overwhelmed with planning and processes
  •         An action taker who can do great things for your clients with support
  •         Passionate about getting your business set up for long-term success
  •         Ready to put your ideas into action and grow your business without it taking over your life

Hi, I’m Maria… aka The Details Director, 


I help creative, big picture business owners to organise the details ‘behind the scenes’ in their business so they can focus on doing what they do best. 

My calm, no-nonsense approach helps my clients get calm and think clearly so that they can get into action mode.

I’m the person on speed dial when my clients feel their heads are getting too full!

Here’s what my clients have to say about working with me…

"It’s…project management meets ideas Zen meets head-ordering meets systems and productivity you never knew was possible."
Lucy Whittington
Brilliant Business Things
"Maria's 90 day programme really kick started my year, giving me laser focus and clear progress over the 3-months. I had extremely productive days and with Maria's support I was able to really channel my energy to get stuff done."
Gavin Presman
Inspire Training & Development Ltd
If you're completely overwhelmed with everything you need to do, then Maria is the person to organise you and help you work more productively and efficiently.
Rachel McGuiness
Wake Up With Zest
Maria worked with me on re-organising my business processes. She is clear thinking and able to see the bigger picture as well as the smaller details. I found her approach professional, knowledgeable and friendly. Nothing was too much for her and she often went the extra mile.
Dr Carol Sampson
INSneuro Consultancy Services
Maria is so patient and knowledgeable. She can take even the most disorganised brain and help you make a plan to get it all out of your head and into some kind of order. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone with a 1000 dusty ideas hidden on a to do list and a strong sense of overwhelm.
Liz Fisher
Fish Figures

Productive calm for just £75 per month

Join Today!

Limited spaces!


Membership runs on a rolling monthly subscripton basis you may cancel at any time and will be charged until the end of that month. 

To join for a year please email: