You’ve got BIG ideas for your business, but until you get the day-to-day details organised you just can’t see how you’re going to make those BIG ideas happen!


You can see how amazing your business could be and you’re getting great results for your clients but you know you could be doing so much more if only you were more organised!

There is so much you need and want to do that every time you think about it all your head starts spinning and you end up feeling overwhelmed and confused.

You’re struggling to keep the day to day stuff under control so have no idea how you can begin to make your business bigger and better.

“Quick jobs” end up taking hours because you’re trying to remember what to do, while you’re doing it.

Organising the details in your business is important (and I know you know that), but when the details are buzzing around in your head it becomes really overwhelming.

You need someone to help you get organised in a way that works for you, so that you don’t feel overwhelmed by details. 


That’s where I can help!

I help busy, solo business owners just like you take all those details out of your head and organise them into simple, practical processes so that you can get more done in less time and without the overwhelm.

When you have processes in your business the day-to-day, repeatable tasks become easy to complete and easy to outsource, saving you a ton of time and energy.

Time and energy that can be spent elsewhere in your life & business. 🎉

The Price for System SORTED is just £147

Here’s what you’ll get from System Sorted:


Here’s what System Sorted includes:

The Brain Download

This short, simple video will guide you through a brain download process to get the nuts and bolts of your business out of your head and down on paper.  Armed with your thoughts, I’ll send you a few questions which will allow us to identify the first process to work on so that we have the biggest impact on your time, energy and business right now!

It will be the perfect jumping off point for our session, so we won’t waste a minute on the call and can get stuck into mapping out the process.  

60-Minute One-to-One Process Mapping Session

Next we’ll hop on zoom for 60 minutes and we will go through every detail of your process. 

It’s really simple too.

I’ll ask questions, you answer and together we’ll be pulling the whole thing together. 

We’ll also look at the way that you are working and I’ll give recommendations about where to streamline tasks or use technology to do the work for you. Together we’ll find the simplest solution that works for your business, and your working style.

You’ll leave the session feeling like a huge weight has been lifted off your shoulders, and it has!  All the valuable time you previously spent feeling frustrated and carrying this stuff in your head will now magically be spent actually taking action, getting your tasks done and enjoying the creative zone you were born to be in.  

Process Write-Up “Homework”

After our call and once we have the details of your process mapped out, you’ll go away and write it up (it’s actually more of a ‘tidy-up’ as we’ll do most of the work on our call 😉 ) .  The format of the ‘write-up’ will have been decided on our call. I’ll provide training & support if it involves a new tool or software. 

You’ll have my support via voice-message & email throughout so that you never feel stuck or overwhelmed.

A Personalised Process Review

You send the completed process back to me to review.  I’ll check it thoroughly though my detailed brain filter and make sure nothing is missed or forgotten.  I’ll also make suggestions for possible improvements. 

You can then make any tweaks if necessary and start gaining some extra time using the process! 

You’re ready to grow your business, I can help you get organised to make it happen.

Are you ready to breathe a huge sigh of relief and get all those details out of your head and organised?

Would you love to spend more time doing what you love and growing your business rather than feeling overwhelmed by trying to keep track of the day-to-day details?

I thought so! Let’s get started.

The price for System Sorted is £147

If you would like to buy this package, here’s what to do next:


  1. Click the button below to submit your payment. 

2. Shortly after you’ve made payment you’ll receive an email containing video instructions for The Big Brain Download. 

3. Once you’ve emptied your head and whizzed it over to me, I’ll give you access to my calendar to book The Process Mapping Session (ahhhhh!!)

4. During the session we’ll set a due date for your Process Write-Up “Homework”.

5. Within 48 hours of receiving your “homework”, you’ll receive your personal process review from me. Simply follow the steps, to make the improvements and you’re good to go! 

Go from overwhelmed & overloaded to calm, clear-headed & organised! 🙂


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