Project 90

3 Months of Productive Calm


What if the plans you made at the start of the day were the ones you’d completed by the end of it? Let’s make it happen.


For 3 months, I’ll be your planner, organiser, wicketkeeper, calm-finder and space maker.   I’ll help you take a project (or projects) that’s still on the drawing board or to-do list, and get it up and running.


It could be a project like these:

  • Implementing a new business process 
  • Creating a training course
  • Launching a new service

Each week I’ll turn your thoughts, notes and doodles into a step-by-step plan, then gradually feed you the must-do tasks to ensure that, by day 90, your project is up, running and done.

 Project 90 includes:

  • A one-on-one 90-minute mind de-clutter & strategy session
  • Weekly one-on-one 30-minute planning sessions
  • Weekly personalised and detailed action plans (created to fit around your schedule)
  • Unlimited contact for motivation, assistance and celebration
  • A one-on-one 30-minute review session


Cross your biggest frustration off the to-do list.  

It costs just £900


To make a start, please get in touch here.


“Maria supported me the whole way through the project. She kept checking in, and would regularly update my task list. I was absolutely amazed how quickly I managed to get the project completed. It felt easy, and was great fun. I also felt that, as Maria was taking care of all the little details, I had real space to tap into the creative aspect of the project. I cannot recommend Maria enough. My mini retreat is completed and on line,and I am so proud of it. I look forward to working with her on other projects.”