Details Directing – Borrow Maria’s Brain

A monthly dose of details for your creative team


I know what it’s like – your start a business doing what you love and before you know it you’re so busy with all the ‘behind the scenes’ details that you find yourself spending less and less time doing what you love (work and other stuff in your life) and more time trying to juggle everything that needs to be done (for you AND your team).  You’re running around in circles, checking lists, moving deadlines, all the while worrying that you’ve forgotten something important.  Managing the details isn’t your zone of genius and it drives you nuts!


Think of me as the logical, orderly side of your brain. While you’re busy doing the creative, client serving, innovative stuff that comes naturally,  I’m keeping an eye on the details so that tasks get done on time and nothing gets missed or forgotten.


Who’s it for?  This monthly service is especially for creative minded small business owners who don’t love details.  You don’t need a full-time Business Manager but would love to have someone detail-minded who can ‘check in’ and make sure that the details of your business and projects are on track and keep you (and your team) on top of everything.


What’s included?


A one hour monthly ‘sanity session’ – A virtual face to face ‘check in’ with you and/or your team to sense check anything you are working on to ensure details aren’t being missed and to also identify and fix anything that may slipped and make improvements so it never happens again.   We’ll review what’s happened that month, assess progress on projects and day-to-day business tasks, then plan the month ahead with my full focus on the details.


Pre-Session Prep & Follow Up As I want to make sure you have what you need, I include prep and debriefing work.


Pre-Session Prep – Some simple pre-session questions (for you or your VA) so that I know exactly what’s been happening over the past month before we meet so that we get the very most out of our time together and nothing gets overlooked.


Follow Up  After our monthly ‘check in’ I’ll pull together any meeting notes and update any actionable tasks for the whole team, making sure it’s all super clear and everyone knows exactly what needs to be done, when it needs to be done by and who’s responsible for doing it.  I’ll even set up simple checklists or spreadsheets if we work out that something needs better detail-management that month, to ensure that everything is running efficiently, nothing gets dropped and no one has to stress about the details!


PRICE £150 per month 

Please email me ( to sign up or ask any questions.  Upon signing up we’ll arrange a free 60 minute ‘getting to know you’ session where we’ll deep dive into everything about your business,  your projects, your team (if you have one) and you (nothing too personal :)) so that we don’t have to waste any time going over the background stuff during our sessions and we can get stuck in.  And of course, it’s nice to say hello before we get started. 


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