“Before I worked with Maria,  I was feeling so overwhelmed with the number of things to do, I had piles of scribbled notes on my desk and didn’t really know where to start.  I kept trying different systems, I was even paying for a CRM for the past year that I didn’t use and then reverted to scribbled paper!

Now, I feel so much more in control and I can think clearly, which means I’m less distracted and more focused.  I’m so much more productive and organised, I’ve got lots of those jobs done that in the past I would have left, now I know how long they’ll take, they’re getting ticked off the list.

My mind has been de-cluttered and as a result, I’m finding I have more time and space to get creative with my work.”

Rachel McGuinness – Chief Vitality Officer at Wake Up With Zest

“Maria really helped me overcome the paralysis one gets from total overwhelm, I managed to get loads done after our session, it was so much more manageable (and I wasn’t freaking out trying to climb Mount Everest).

Maria will help you beat overwhelm over the head and transform your business ideas into small, easily manageable, bite-sized chunks.  She takes the muddle out of a thousand things you ‘think’ you have to do and simplifies and prioritises it into stuff you actually can and want to do.  She makes the project fun as opposed to completely overwhelming.

Now I’m out of panic and overwhelm mode and moving forward and it’s enjoyable!!”

Catherine Steinberg – Freelance Artist

I am SO much better organised! Since​ working with Maria, business enquiries have picked up and the bottlenecks that used to slow down delivery to my clients have disappeared.  Together we totally streamlined my processes, now I’m clear on what I’m doing each day to move my clients forward. I have a much better understanding of how to use various technologies to support my business and have learned some brilliant​ time-saving techniques for recording information.

Maria has an amazing ability to make everything thing seem straightforward and to restore calm.  She understood my requirements quickly, came up with a great solution and turned something that was overwhelming for me into easy baby steps.


I contacted Maria because my head was full, I was feeling unstructured and constantly torn between tasks that were competing to be prioritised.

Working with Maria was amazing, I got to talk about what I want to achieve, the actions I need to take and what to prioritise and it all got given a formal place to go and was put in order. Which meant I can get on with things without uncertainty or having it all in my head.

Maria comes up with clever ideas that really help you get organised and simplify things- which is always a bonus!

I only wish I could speak to her every day! 🙂


 I loved working with Maria. When you’ve got so many ideas in your head, and so many things you want to create, it’s hard to know which one to focus on first. With Maria’s help I was able to get all the ideas down onto paper and then pick just one to get started on. I decided to launch my podcast – something I’ve wanted to do for months. Once I knew which idea to focus on, we hammered out all the different steps involved which has made it so much easier to just get started because it seems more manageable. For months this seemed like such a big project that I just couldn’t get my head around, and now, with Maria’s help, it’s going live next week.


I had been procrastinating for several months about getting my online web building course built and launched. It felt like a huge project.  I didn’t really know where to start, which meant it was easier to do nothing. Other ‘easier’ tasks were creeping in and I was losing prospects who had said they would buy this program.

Thanks to Maria I got my online web building course set up AND launched…  she got me to break down the massive task of building a membership program into smaller much more manageable tasks that I could do in very short blocks of time, so it didn’t feel so overwhelming anymore. The best bit was that because the tasks were broken down into much smaller tasks, I could easily fit them in to my normal schedule and it didn’t mean that everything else in my business or life had to stop.


“Maria, came into my head, picked up all the mind dumps & organized everything. AWESOME. I had an idea of what I wanted to do but I had no idea how to organise it, I’d been putting it off because sitting down and organising is like pulling teeth for me. Maria listened to me talk about my ideas, then she helped me figure out what I needed to do and in what order.  By the end of the session I had the outline of the course/workshop I want to create.

After my session I totally wrote most of the workshop while my toddler was napping, thanks to Maria’s brilliant organizational help.”

Lisa Baker – www.lcbaker.com

“I’m a busy mum with lots of creative interests and projects on the go and little time to work on them. It was really important to me to get organised so that the time I do have isn’t wasted feeling overwhelmed trying to decide what to work on or what to do next.

Before my sessions with Maria, I was really struggling to pin down ideas and take action, I’d set myself up for failure by not planning properly and giving up in despair at any setback.

Since working with Maria I’m happily moving forward on three business projects, Maria helped me to breakdown each project/idea and clarify exactly what needed to be done.  The chunks of action are so small I can get things done quickly, I stay focussed and I don’t get bored. I’m now able to productively work on multiple projects and enjoy it.”

Ann O’Connell