Finished in 15


Getting those projects done and ticking those ‘must do’ tasks off your ever-growing lists can feel stressful and overwhelming.

I know that you WANT to get everything done but finding the time, the focus, the energy, and working out where to start can make you feel like you’re constantly struggling to swim upstream (I get it – this is what I help people with every day).

That's why I created Finished in 15.

Imagine getting projects done, whipping through your to-do lists and reaching your goals in just 15 minutes a day!

Finished in 15 is an interactive challenge delivered to you over 15 days!



This is perfect for you if you have loads of brilliant ideas for new business projects but getting into the details to get everything done and knowing what to do in what order is not what you love.


You’re carrying a million to-do’s around in your head but not actually getting anything done because you don’t know where to begin and feel totally overwhelmed.


You can’t focus on your business like you want to because you’ve got so many things fighting for your attention.  That course you signed up for and never started.  That cupboard that you don’t dare to open for fear of a landslide.   The overflowing inbox that keeps eating your important messages.


You keep promising yourself you’ll get something done and it never happens!  And you know that if someone else would just give you a deadline and hold you accountable you’d be all over it.


Whether it’s business or personal FINISHED IN 15 will help you to transform your nagging to-do lists, brilliant ideas and overwhelming projects into practical bite-sized steps so that you can get them done in just 15 minutes a day!



Finished in 15 is a mini version of how I help my clients successfully & sustainably manage their workflow every day.

It will give you an insight into just how much you can achieve in a very short space of time, with a little bit of planning, no matter how busy you are.

Turning seemingly impossible projects and enormous to-do lists into actionable tasks is what I am best at and Finished in 15 will give you a little taste of what I do and the difference it makes when you have The Details Director (that’s me!) by your side.

The habits and tips that you will learn during this challenge can be used time and time again to simplify the planning process for any project or goal – the part that I know can leave you feeling very overwhelmed and frustrated!


It’s really simple!


Every weekday (weekends off!) from Monday 1st November 2021 you will receive an email from me that will guide you step by step to take one small project, a chunk of a bigger one or some ‘must do’ tasks and turn them into realistic, actionable chunks that you will then be held accountable to complete in 15 minutes a day.

Each email will contain an actionable tip or challenge to boost your project power.  

These aren’t what you might imagine!


You will also be invited to join the friendly Finished in 15 Facebook group for added support, accountability, motivation & celebration.  

I’ll be in there for you every day, prompting you to take action and helping you if you get stuck!

Being surrounded by a group of lovely, like-minded individuals might be all you need to get things done!




As a extra Productivty Boosting Bonus you will be invited to 3 x weekly online ‘get it done’ co-working sessions!

At 2 hours a time, that’s 6 hours of focussed attention & action on the project or goal of your choice.

Peer pressure can be used for good! 



Guidance, support & accountability to get your project done in just 3 weeks costs…


**the early bird offer ends at midnight Friday 15th October (£60 thereafter)**


I’m Maria Watson aka The Details Director.  I’m the go-to person for all things detail orientated. I’ll take your messy big-picture thoughts and untangle them in a hot second.  I’ve got the unique ability to easily switch between the big picture and the details with ease, I’ll get you really clear on what you want to achieve and then help translate that into simple, bite-sized chunks that are easy and fun to get done without the overwhelm.

I’m the person on speed dial when my clients heads get to full!

Business or Personal, if it’s playing on your mind, you don’t know where to begin or it feels too big.

 I’m here to help you get it done or make a damn good start!



What would you like to have done and dusted before the end of the year?

Hurry! The early bird offer ends at midnight on friday 15th october 2021

Here's what others had to say about Finished in 15...

“I loved working with Maria. When you’ve got so many ideas in your head, and so many things you want to create, it’s hard to know which one to focus on first. With Maria’s help I was able to get all the ideas down onto paper and then pick just one to get started on. I decided to launch my podcast – something I’ve wanted to do for months. Once I knew which idea to focus on, we hammered out all the different steps involved which has made it so much easier to just get started because it seems more manageable. For months this seemed like such a big project that I just couldn’t get my head around, and now, with Maria’s challenge, it’s going live next week!”

” I’m finding your challenge really helpful. I have a big strategy session coming up with a client and I’ve been procrastinating over creating all the documents I need for the meeting, this technique is really helping me to get it done.”

” I was absolutely amazed how quickly I managed to get the project completed. It felt easy, and was great fun.” 

” Thanks to Maria I got my online web building course set up AND launched…  The challenge got me to break down the massive task of building a membership program into smaller much more manageable tasks that I could do in very short blocks of time, so it didn’t feel so overwhelming anymore. The best bit was that because the tasks were broken down into much smaller tasks, I could easily fit them in to my normal schedule and it didn’t mean that everything else in my business or life had to stop.

“The chunks of action are so small I can get things done quickly, I stay focused and I don’t get bored.”

” Your emails are lovely you seem to be really speaking to me as an individual and you are great at explaining and supporting people.  I have realised that I am quite good at chunking things down – what I am not so good at is maintaining the motivation to complete them which is exactly what you are helping me to do in this challenge – every time we do something small, we need to take a moment to give ourselves a pat on the back. it builds our motivation, self-confidence and self-esteem. Thank you!”