Maz Magic


What if the plans you made at the start of the day were the ones you’d completed by the end of it? Let’s make it happen.

  I’m here to work my magic in helping you to manage all the details in your business and projects that take up too much space in your head so that you can think straight and focus on doing what you get paid for.   Details are important (and I know you know that), but when you have a LOT of ideas & work on a LOT of projects getting everything done is sometimes a challenge… which is where I come in.   I literally take those projects and details out of your head and organise them in a way that means they all get done, but you never feel overwhelmed (or feel that you have to carry them all around in your head all the time).   I work with busy and brilliant business owners who have ideas ALL the time – but getting into the details to get everything done is not what they love to do.  Even though the details are important they get forgotten or missed, and some things never get finished.     I never let a good idea go unfinished!     I take everything out of your head and give back all the details you actually need (some need dumping!) as and when you need them – a little bit at a time.  That way, you can get everything done without being overwhelmed.  What this also does is free up the space in your head that was carrying lots of half-done to-do lists, so you’re free to think brilliantly and grow your business.     I know what it’s like – you get busy and you spend less and less time doing the stuff you love (work and other stuff in your life) and more time running around in circles, all the while worrying that you’ve forgotten something important.     You may feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done.  You end up either working late into the night because that five-minute job actually took five hours – or you just despair that it will ever get done.     But what if you had someone to help you plan your time and slot in everything you need to get done so that you are super productive, totally in control and can once again enjoy what you do?   That’s what you get when you work with me.   I’m not a VA (although I can manage yours for you if you need one), instead, I’m right there beside you strategically, knowing the important things that absolutely must happen to move things forward in your business and life.     So if you’d like to…    

   Get rid of all the ideas and noise buzzing around in your head.


  Have someone on your side who totally gets you and your business.


  Have somewhere to empty your head and ‘file’ things for later (when you actually have time and want to think about them).


  Be reminded of when things need to be done.  


We need to chat 🙂

   When I’m taking care of the details, nothing gets forgotten and all important ideas and projects are dealt with, leaving you with a clear mind to focus on what’s important right now.     I’ll help you say goodbye to the distracting mind-skipping that can make you stop mid-flow (for fear of forgetting an important detail) to do something totally unrelated to the task at hand!     

I get you. I’ve got you.



Let me help you with the details.

Because I LOVE the details.



Take the first step to a calm, organised mind… and book a call with me.



Because I hate to see brilliant, talented people feeling overwhelmed and stuck because of too many details.


How does it work?

  We can work together on individual projects – or you can use me to make every day easier and more organised – whatever you’re doing.   Here’s how…   1.  Book a call
    2.  After the call, I’ll make a recommendation to work together* on the basis that’s right for you & your business.   3.  If you’d like to go ahead, I’ll pop over and invoice and book in our first session.   *the initial commitment is 3 months after that will review