Business 90

3 Months to Calm + Order


Let’s put you and your business back on the right track, fast.


I’ll take you from feeling overwhelmed and overloaded to feeling calm, clear-headed and organised.


  • We’ll get the to-do list in your head documented
  • We’ll sift and sort to find the things that really need your attention.
  • We’ll explore why you do the things you do, and ask if there’s a better way
  • We’ll create processes, plans & routines that keep things simple, get things done and keep your focus where it needs to be
  • I’ll help you get more out of the tools you may already be using (e.g. virtual assistants, bookkeeping tools & to-do list apps etc)

If you’re so busy “doing” and firefighting that you never get a chance to take stock, get on top of everything and find quicker, simpler ways of working, that work for YOU, I can help.


Business 90 includes:

  • A one-on-one 90-minute mind de-clutter & goal session session
  • Eight one-on-one 60-minute ‘get sorted’ sessions
  • Post-session detailed (bite-sized) action plans 
  • Ad hoc ‘hands-on’ help from me (if it makes sense for me to help out with something, I will)
  • Unlimited contact for assistance, advice, high fives and everything in between.

 Why 3 months?

  • Because that gives us time to create, gently implement and tweak new ways of working without overwhelm
  • Because a finite arrangement focuses the mind (and keeps your costs down)
  • Because 3 months might be all you need


And afterwards?

If you still feel you need my help, I’ll continue working with you on the basis that’s right for you. That could be a quarterly catch up, a monthly deep dive, or a bit of ad hoc help to press the reset button as and when you need it.


Let’s develop a way of working that helps you get more done, more effectively, with less stress.


Business 90 costs just £1200


To make a start, please get in touch here.