Escape the overwhelm


While you’re busy helping others, let me help you make running your business easier.


‘People people’ – coaches and consultants, speakers, presenters and marketers – are always full of energy. They’re full of brilliant ideas to help others create better businesses, to be more successful or more mindful.  But in my experience, they’re often short of time.  Their heads and desks are full.  And they’re frustrated because they know they could do so much more if they could just get more organised.

Sound familiar?

I’m Maria Watson, the Details Director.  I help create processes, plans and order when you feel you don’t have enough of any of them.  I help you create space to look at new ideas and launch new projects.  And I help create the breathing room for you to finally take some time off.

Whether it’s keeping track of your day to day workload or mapping out new ideas & projects, I’ll help make the details much, much easier, so you can escape the overwhelm and get things done with ease.


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“It’s…project management meets ideas Zen meets head-ordering meets systems and productivity you never knew was possible.”

Lucy Whittington – Brilliant Business Things